About us - Sansaket Farm

Sansaket Farm is a small farm and homestead in Doi Saket, bordering on San Kamphaeng, in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. The farm and homestead comprise a garden, a woody patch, a pond, three wooden pole houses and rice fields, on an area of about 14 rai (2¼ hectare, 5.5 acres). It's about 20 km east from the Chiang Mai city moat.

Video file

Part of the farm in aerial view - sunny sky dry season (video by Pieter Roeloffs)

We grow for our own consumption, but there's always high quality rice to share, and whenever available fresh, high quality hydroponic lettuce.

Latest Harvest and New Crop Thai Rice

We exclusively grow monsoon season rice and prefer to provide new, latest harvest rice, only.

No Chemicals, No Pesticides

We exclusively use natural growth methods and absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We consider our rice organic, but since our original intention has been to grow for our own, friends and family consumption, we have not applied for a certification. We do not sell organic rice (yet).

> Some details on how we grow rice without commercial, agro-industial chemicals and pesticides.

Batch Processing

To ensure freshness of our new harvest rice throughout the year, we process our paddy rice in batches. The first batch is a limited edition of our new harvest, the truest of true new crop rice, shown by an "A" in its product code. For example code JWR2019AV is Thai Jasmine White Rice, sold only in 2019 (harvest November 2018), A first batch, V vacuum packed.

Subsequent batches are freshly milled and packaged with current harvest freshness guaranteed throughout the year. Next harvest the cycle repeats with a new fresh year.

Any year's leftover rice goes to other useful purposes.

What Else

> We also have Fresh Lettuce and Fruit, and live fish depending on availability.

> There's all kinds of Fauna at Sansaket Farm.

Office and Workshop

State of the art communications are available (with local underground cabling). Sansaket Farm houses the head office of JEDI International, Ltd. an exporter, manufacturer, and SER consultant. The manufacturing workshop of master craft umbrella makers Sunisa Umbrella Factory is also located here.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.