Newest Harvest Rice

Sansaket Farm Rice - Rice plant RD Maejo 2

Newest harvest Thai Rice throughout the year. Super fresh "new crop" rice in December and January.

Our new monsoon harvest November/December 2021 farm direct:

  • Black Sticky Rice (Huay Hong Krai) - 100 THB/kg
  • White Sticky Rice (CP 888) - 80 THB/kg
  • Riceberry (Khun Ginda) - 100 THB/kg

Our Riceberry is purple long grain, whole grain rice, with Best Quality Rice Award, Huay Hong Krai.
All our Thai rice is grown without chemicals and pesticides.

> Contact us to purchase this rice.

This is newest harverst rice! To order fresh, Thai new crop rice for your kitchen and meals, contact us November to January. As of February this is standard latest harvest rice. The price remains the same.

View our past rice harvests (this rice is not available anymore).