Thai Rice Dishes

In Thailand rice is on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rice is served either complementary with separate vegetable or meat dishes, or as a one-plate dish with varied ingredients.

One-plate main course rice dishes

Use plain white rice, nutritious brown rice or luxury nutritious sprouted rice.

Snacks and desserts

In northeastern and northern Thailand, as well as neighboring regions in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar long-grain sticky rice is the main type of rice consumed. In other parts of Thailand it is Jasmine and other long-grain rice.

Sato rice wine

Thai Sato is usually referred to as a rice wine, while as a fermented-grain beverage it is technically more akin to a beer. This makes Sato best consumed without too much aging, shortly after the rice harvest, or made from freshly milled rice. It must be sticky rice.

The most "real" Sato is homemade and consumed as a home brew. Thai Sato can be made in as few as about 7 days, other recipes call for longer fermentation. Tip: sticky rice, starter culture and water, only (no sugar). The starter culture - ลูกแป้ง - Luk Paeng is crucial.

  • White rice wine - สาโท - Sato - made with white sticky rice.
  • Red rice wine - สาโท - Sato - made with black sticky rice (quite rare).